Kristie X Ord

Kristie X Ord is an Australian entrepreneur who has found worldwide success with her company, The Freedom Era. But only four years ago, her life was very different.
Kristie was broke, with a baby on the way. She had been trying a range of different business models to provide for herself and her child, but always found herself in the same place of being a struggling entrepreneur.
Determined to stay out of traditional, soul-sucking 9-5 jobs, Kristie and her husband committed to creating their own financial opportunities within 90 days. Knowing that she needed to do something different, she created a thriving community that was ready to be a part of a highly profitable online business. She delved in and changed the entire trajectory of her life.
She now lives a life of financial, time, and location freedom and has been able to inspire and activate thousands of people globally with what she shares to follow in her footsteps. She has personally taught hundreds of people how to change their mindsets, and at the same time, change their financial situations.
In addition to her work educating others on how to effectively monetize their social media through high-ticket online marketing, Kristie has written several books, appeared on multiple podcasts, and organized large-scale empowerment events that feature influencers from around the world. She is happily married with three children.

Rebekah L Femia

Rebekah L Femia is a business mentor, money mindset coach, and feminine embodiment leadership coach, as well as a founder of The Freedom Movement and co- founder of The Freedom Era.
She is devoted to helping women embrace their unique story and personal brand, while empowering them to own their worth and create the wealth they deserve. She believes we need more wildly wealthy women on the planet sharing their unique voice and message with the world.
While Rebekah now lives a fulfilling and inspiring life of financial and time freedom through high ticket attraction marketing with a fully automated and leveraged sales system, she started out on a very different path. She worked as a chef for 10 years before becoming a travel agent. While she enjoyed both career paths, her soul knew that it was not cut out to punch a clock or work to make someone else rich.
She set out to change the course of her life, and in the process has changed the lives of thousands of women globally. She is fueled by helping women create unlimited income so they can thrive and be financially independent and live lives of deep purpose. She wants every woman to own her authentic expression and honour their feminine wisdom while being celebrated for their courage and success.
No matter what your passion or goal is, having the financial resources and the time to achieve it are essential to finding success and most importantly being led by purpose and passion.
Rebekah works within a community that educates women on how to bring their wildest dreams to life and create a highly profitable online business. In addition to this she has written multiple books, spoken on global stages, been featured on the cover of women entrepreneur magazine, runs high level leadership empowerment retreats and is an avid world traveller.
Rebekah is changing lives one woman at a time.